Grove Gives Back

The Grove has had a marked impact on our local community and beyond in its initial three years. 

From the very beginning of The Grove, it was always our goal to give back to the community through hosting benefit wine dinners, fundraisers, and preparing meals for disadvantaged children and families in hardship in our community. We continue to work with new organizations and build our outreach and education arms. 

Through the exciting program Jen & Luis developed called "Hungry for Hospitality," we will help high school students create a plan for the future and reach their potential within the hospitality, or any, service industry. This hands-on, engaging 9-week program which was piloted with the Boys & Girls' Clubs of Martin County encompasses vital skills including: personal hygiene, kitchen safety, resume and interview preparation, entrepreneurship, etiquette and communication skills to help give young adults a sense of purpose, direction and exciting goals for their future.

In our short three years, we have served and/or partnered with:

Elev8 Hope

Habitat for Humanity 
Speak Life, The Musical
Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County 
Banner Lake Club Christ Fellowship
Everyday Mission
Refugees in Italy
Young Life Palm Beach County 
New Hope Fellowship Student Ministries
Revive Church Students 
Place of Hope Treasure Coast
Revive Church's Bahamas Hurricane benefit outreach 
Knights of Columbus
Martin County SPAM Robotics
Southfork High School 
The Pine School Reverse
The DoorMartin County Fire Department 
Dozens of Local Fundraiser for different clubs and teams within schools and charities

And many more..