Pass the Cheese, Please

"Don't feel sheepish about reaching for the manchego. Cheese doesn't deserve its unhealthy reputation." This fabulously inspiring quote from a recent article I read on Wired only excited the "Cheesehead," in me, a former Wisconsinite, even more. The title is "Great News, America: Cheese Isn't Bad for You." (You can find this full piece on our Facebook page). This and other recent studies about multiple health benefits of cheese have justified and unearthed one hidden relationship: me and cheese. 

My love affair with cheese has taken many steps on its  journey. Perhaps it was first born from the cheese curds or colby I ate as a child living in Wisconsin or my mom's amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe my German grandmother's hidden stash of French brie and lindberger added a bit of mystery. My love and affinity for sharper tastes grew deeper at my first step onto French soil and just one visit to Beaune's tiny, ancient, authentic and strangely barnyardy pungent fromagerie. Taking my boys on a visit to our cousins' dairy farm and appreciating the care of cheese's origin, cows, was another step. And true love of a different level, a real affinage, developed when I visited nuns in Greece who opened their convent as home to feed me and shared their most important cheese making tip: the hidden ingredient of love crafts the most incredible feta. 

This summer during the onset of the pandemic, Luis, our boys and I, all turophiles, began to reminisce and explore this strange love affair we share, and the desire to bring it to you, our guests. Alas, The Grove's gourmet market was born. Though small in origin, it certainly lacks no flavor. From the finest Wisconsin mozzarella on our pizzas to our personally selected, savory, international artisanal offerings you'll find in our cheese cooler and on our charcuterie platters, we aim to please with cheese. 

Come on down and we'll help you uncover your perfect pairing. Try our ash-rind Humboldt Fog with an IPA. Explore red wine-laced Vino Cabra with a Tempranillo. Grab a bag of cheese curds for the kids. Make sure to save room for my favorite pairing, Champagne with the bloomy rind  of the most incredible, triple creme dessert cheese Brillat-Savarin, whose namesake philosophized, "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.''

Stay tuned for more wine & cheese classes coming to The Grove!

Cheers~ Jen & Luis