Top 10 Reasons Wine is the Essential Christmas Gift During a Pandemic

  1. You can't go wrong—Whether your friend is a glass half-full or glass half-empty type, just as long as it's wine, they'll be happy.
  2. Puts troubles in perspective—Paired with stimulating conversation among friends, wine can help reduce anxiety and create new insights. After all, in vino veritas.
  3. One size fits all—Don't know if your recipient prefers red or white? Easy peasy. Give one of each! After all, wine is the most regiftable gift ever (see point 4) so they can always pass a bottle along.
  4. Regiftable—Remember, regifting should always be done in moderation.
  5. Recycle-friendly—The bottles are easy to recycle and the corks easily become crafts.
  6. Soul soothing—There's no better way to put a stop to endless political discussions or debates. 
  7. Kills germs—Studies reveal that leftover white wine makes an effective disinfectant.
  8. Good for the environment—Everyone knows that drinking wine conserves water.
  9. Imposter friendly—Consult your sommelier to help you choose wine that looks super expensive even if you're getting a great deal. (We're here to help at The Grove!)
  10. Induces laughter &  joy—Wine may make your friends and family seem funnier. Even the Psalmist said, "Wine makes the heart glad." 

Cheers to you and yours this holiday season. We're here to serve you with a great glass and a laugh at The Grove.  ~ xxoo Jen & Luis